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Department for Research Projects and Program Coordination is a division of the University that implements the research and educational policy of RSUH.

The Department is further subdivided into:

  •  university grant division
  •  innovations in research division
  •  grant projects and program coordinating division;
  •  research commercialization division
  •  research and documentation processing group;
  •  student research coordination group.

The Department fulfills a strategic mission of developing RSUH research and innovation activity, looks to the support and expansion of a system of effective application of RSUH academic and research potential; develops academic ties with other universities, research institutions, and enterprises.

The Department channels the application of the University’s research activity into educational process; supports student research; implements the Program for Supporting Academic and Research Projects; oversees the University grant system; opens new directions and creates new mechanisms for RSUH research activities aimed at innovative and strategically perspective development.

The functions of the Department include involving students into research activities of the University; coordination of student research club activities; organization of interdisciplinary projects, academic conferences and round-table discussions, seminars, competitions, exhibitions and other events aimed at further student integration.   

In 2007 RSUH launched a long-term Program for Supporting Research and Academic Projects and Programs. This program was created to coordinate research activities and develop priority research directions. The Program funds faculty members, students of all levels and research teams through a system of grants and competitions. 

One of the main tasks of the Program is the administration of University grant competitions in those nominations that would potentially lead to a result specifically sought after by the University and the society as a whole. The grant competitions include the following nominations:

  •  graduate scholarship;
  •  the best graduate research project;
  •  the best Ph.D. specialist;
  •  the best research project;
  •  the best research monograph;
  •  competition of 3rd-year student research projects;
  •  final thesis competition;
  •  young Associate Professor;
  •  academic travel grants;
  •  grants for academic conferences at RSUH.

The Department provides organizational and methodological support for the ongoing RSUH project “Readings in the Liberal Arts”.

The concept of research and educational activity of RSUH suggests both strong traditions and the application of innovative approaches in the field of Liberal Arts, including the interdisciplinary approach, cultural dialogues, the Liberal Art dimension in technologies.  

Apart from interdisciplinary round-table discussions, the agenda of the annual Readings in Liberal Arts also include open lectures by leading scholars, presentations and exhibitions by research teams aimed at new developments in the field of Liberal Arts and educational technologies.